Commission J Information

USNC-URSI Commission J Information

USNC-URSI-J Current Officers

International URSI

  • URSI Commission J Chair: Richard Bradley (NRAO)
  • URSI Commission J Vice-Chair: Douglas Bock (CSIRO)

USNC-URSI Business Address

Kathie Bailey-Mathae Director, Board on International Scientific Organizations The National Academies 500 Fifth Street, NW Washington, DC 20001

Commission J Business Meeting Minutes

Membership Nominations

Please consider nominating someone for membership in USNC-URSI Commission J. The required qualifications for membership in the Commission are technical competence and interest in the activities of URSI. Students are encouraged to become involved – they can be nominated for non-voting Associate Membership. This is a three year term that can be renewed once for a total of six years. Guidelines for membership and the on-line nomination form can be found in the USNC URSI Commission J information page link to the Commission J membership application. The Commission J membership will vote on the nominees during the next Commission J Business Meeting.

Reference Documents

U.S. National Committees Introductory Guide