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How Long Does it Take the Sun to Orbit the Center of our Galaxy?

Question: How long does it take our sun to complete a full orbit around the super blackhole at the center of the Milky Way?  — Dustin Answer: We can calculate this value by noting that the Sun is about 8 … Continue reading

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Orbital Period of the Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy

Question: I have read that the Sun is about 15.3 kpc from the centre of the Galaxy and moving at about 230 km/s. I have also read that it takes about 200 million years to orbit the Galaxy. But if … Continue reading

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Does the Sun’s Rotation Speed Dictate the Orbital Speed of the Planets?

Question: Are the planets orbiting the sun at the same speed as the sun revolves on its axis? Or are some planets moving slower or faster than the sun spins, of course the position in the solar system dictates how … Continue reading

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Does the Sun’s Rotational Axis Precess?

Question: The earth has the north celestial pole position today near Polaris and has a 25000 year cycle circle.  What is the same for the SUN’s north celestial pole and wobble?  — David Answer: The precession of the Earth’s rotational … Continue reading

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What if the Sun did not turn into a Red Giant and the Moon moved out of its Orbit Around the Earth?

Question: What effects would we see on Earth if the Sun wouldn’t turn into a Red Giant? If the Moon would move away slowly until extracted from its orbit, would that, for example, affect Earth’s axis?  — Walle Answer: If … Continue reading

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Location of a List of Solar System Objects and Their Naming Conventions?

Question: Simple question.  What is the website address that I may gain access to the recorded bodies and there naming conventions?  — Chuck Answer: The International Astronomical Union (IAU) maintains a web site which contains all of the information regarding … Continue reading

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Bright Spots Near the Sun?

Question:  I took several pictures of a strange sight. It is what looked like a small sun beside the sun at sunset. I will try to post a picture. Any ideas?  It was taken at sunset, July 12,2014.  — Kathy … Continue reading

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Do the Planets Have a Physical Effect on the Sun?

Question:  We know that our sun has a profound impact on all planets in our solar system. But, does planets have any effect on our sun?  — Vinod Answer:  Just as the Sun exerts a gravitational pull on the planets, … Continue reading

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Can Tornados Happen in Space?

Question:  Can tornados happen in space? Maybe solar winds can act like earth winds with currents and temperature changes?  — Jay Answer:  Although the interstellar medium within galaxies, or the gas and dust between stars (including the solar wind) can … Continue reading

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Past and Future Solar Eclipses

Question:  I am interested in knowing how many solar eclipses have ever occurred in the past, and are likely to ever occur in the future based on widely accepted astronomical models.  Can you also provide dates for these events?  Thank … Continue reading

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