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Past and Future Solar Eclipses

Question:  I am interested in knowing how many solar eclipses have ever occurred in the past, and are likely to ever occur in the future based on widely accepted astronomical models.  Can you also provide dates for these events?  Thank … Continue reading

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Why is our Sun Alone?

Question:  As per observations, most of the stars are born in clusters (i.e. in open clusters). Then why our sun is an isolated star with no companions?  – Vinod Answer:  Our Sun was probably born in a group of stars, … Continue reading

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What Causes Seasons on Earth?

Question:  Hi am just curious about something and I need your help. So well all know it has different seasons in the year, but the thing am curious about it why does the climate change?. What I mean is it … Continue reading

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Unexplained Objects Around the Sun

Question:  I have pictures of the sun that shows objects around the sun that move from day to day or sometimes hour to hour. They seem to move more than planets would. If you can take a look i will … Continue reading

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What Happens to the Planets When the Sun Becomes a Red Giant and White Dwarf?

Question: I’ve been watching a very interesting series of television programmes in which Professor Brian Cox has been delving into Astronomy. One programme focused on the life cycle of stars. I understand from the programme that as our Sun enters … Continue reading

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Crescent-Shaped Objects Near the Sun

Question:  I am vacationing on Bonaire.  I just saw a halo around the sun and snapped a quick photo just to see how it would turn out.  I saw some interesting things, but most notably a half circle that appears … Continue reading

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