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Private Sector Space Programs

Question:  I am an undergrad student currently enrolled in an introductory astronomy class, and I’m doing research on space programs in the private sector versus federal sector. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on the topic? Do you think private/commercial … Continue reading

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How Do We Keep Our Space Probes From Contaminating Other Planets?

Question:  What are the chances of interplanetary space crafts, probes  and rovers carrying the air-borne bacteria and viruses and dispersing them in the target planet since they are made and assembled in earth? (Especially the rovers which landed on Mars … Continue reading

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Radio Frequency Recordings from the Planets

Question: Hello I am an experimental musician from Houston Texas. I have been searching for radio frequency recordings of the planets. Do you know if these exist? I have my mind set on attempting to compose a composition based on … Continue reading

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Disclaimer on Space Probes?

Question: Do satellites/telescopes/rovers designed to investigate other parts of the universe contain any disclaimer to future potentially intelligent species that the technology in question came from earth rather than wherever it could eventually be found so as not to confuse … Continue reading

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