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Positions of the Planets on any Date

Question:  I am making a sculpture to offer to my dad with planets position at 4 of july of 1930, his day of birth. Can you help me and tell  where i can find it?  – Sérgio Answer:  There is … Continue reading

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The Earth-Moon Spin-Orbit Resonance

Question:  For being a chunk of Earth’s primordial matter the Moon is quite an amazing stellar feat…it orbits synchronously about the earth with an axis spin velocity 1/100 that of Earth and counterclockwise orbit equal in period as that of … Continue reading

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What Will the Solar System Look Like a Billion Years?

Question:  In a recent programme, on astronomy, one of the scientist stated that our solar system has evolved over billions of years and is still evolving and will go on evolving into the future. To us the solar system’s evolution … Continue reading

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The Solar System’s Rotation About the Center of the Milky Way

Question:  I have a question about galaxies, how do scientist know about the galactic year and how long it takes? Well people think that are universe is only 14 billion years old has our solar system gone through a galactic … Continue reading

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Resources for Studies of the Solar System

Question:  What resources are available for studies of the solar system? Answer:  A really good place to start are the NASA Solar System Exploration web pages.  If you want information on the physical characteristics of solar system objects, see the … Continue reading

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