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Who Gets to be the First to Know When Something is Discovered?

Question: When you discover something, Who do you tell first.  — Jason Answer: Most scientific discoveries are first communicated through a research paper which has been reviewed by an independent and knowledgeable scientist not affiliated with the research that led … Continue reading

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How to Calculate Heliocentric Julian Date from a Given Julian Date and Object RA/Dec

Question: What is the algorithm for calculating Heliocentric Julian date from a given Julian date and object RA/Dec?  I would like this for a variable star application I’m writing.  — James Answer: I would start with the online calculator provided … Continue reading

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Recordings of Transmissions from the Decans of the Zodiac

Question: Do recordings of the transmissions from the decans of all twelve zodiac constellations exist anywhere? If so, are they available to the public.  — Toby Answer: I suspect that by “decans” you are referring to the artificial demarcation system … Continue reading

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Scientific Methodology

Question: Do you know of a good book that explains the scientific methodology and evidentiary reasoning processes employed by astronomers and cosmologists?  — Carlos Answer: I could not find a reference to a book on this very subject, but can … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Theory and Observation in Astronomy

Question:  For my senior research project I am doing what aspects of astronomy are theory and what are fact. The question I pose is what are different theories I could use for this topic? I already have the theory of … Continue reading

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