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What Software Do You Use to Control Radio Telescopes?

Question:  What software you use to put the antenna in a desire position? In what language was programmed?  – Jael Answer:  We use a combination of several programming languages, but principally use C++ and python to control our antennas.  Historically, … Continue reading

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The Story of the Very Large Array

Question:  Toured the VLA facility in New Mexico on April 5 and was very impressed with the new public relations film narrated by Jodie Foster and, I think, named, “Beyond the Visible; The Story of the VLA”.  Is there a … Continue reading

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Top Achievements for the NRAO Very Large Array

Question:  I’m embarrassed to ask this, as I feel after working here for so long I should already know the answer. But here it is: What are the top 3 discoveries/achievements of the VLA? And why?  — Doug Answer:  As … Continue reading

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Can Brain Waves be Detected by a Satellite Radio Telescope Array?

Question:  I have a question that pertains both to space and life on the ground.  It is my theory that, in essence, the U.S. communications and spy satellite network could be used as a massive (about 13 billion square-mile) radio … Continue reading

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Have We Ever Received Radio Signals From Space?

Question:  Hello I was wondering have we ever received any radio signals from space? What I’m trying to ask has earth ever received a message from space?  – Brandon Answer:  Well, in fact, all objects in the universe that emit … Continue reading

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How Can Radio Telescopes Make Measurements of Small Objects?

Question: How do you use a dish type radio telescope to produce an image of something occupying such a small fragment of the sky?  – Martin Answer: There are a couple of ways to make images of small objects using … Continue reading

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Time Variability Observed in Radio Emission?

Question: Has radio astronomy (less than 100 years old) been able to detect change over time, other than regular periodic motion or oscillation? For example, the actual formation of a star, or a supernova, or gas or dust accretion? For … Continue reading

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Detecting a Galaxy Cluster With a Radio Telescope

Question:  Is it possible for a 7-m radio telescope to detect a galaxy cluster of redshift below 0.03? – Ungku Answer:  Yes, as long as the cluster is big and bright enough at the radio frequency at which you want … Continue reading

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Star Wheel with Pulsar Locations for the Northern Hemisphere?

Question:  The Parkes Radio Telescope has designed a star finder that locates pulsars on it: https://68569a01-a-57edd292-s-sites.googlegroups.com/a/uncleal.net/ag/uncle-als-starwheels/ParkesStarWheel.pdf?attachauth=ANoY7coPZbmLgYn65LCyVdRVYD2cuRHbQIwPiDQNQEMIK9SQbJQZhAXKi3VPXqGngxFHzRRXAF1_oS6ttUrnf8KKXBlLOOCrUKyvw4VROfbIsQtajOi9xnqJ6EaXpnO76xBo2hdHv4WIbjPM5fEuB7j7IQN9TcP38IhytQxxeTjy7CwcFLrYJvhOmuCAh1ngb_nVbxnUZ-hKSWLjbsAwZoudGMsJ8ZDhTXlT5Cm0SDLR98YeGtO0WJw%3D&attredirects=0 But this star wheel is designed for southern sky users.  Has NRAO designed a star wheel with pulsars on it for Northern Sky Users?  … Continue reading

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How to Make an Image of the Radio Sky

Question:  How do you make an image from a radio wave?  – Luke Answer:  Images are made from the radio-wavelength signals from astronomical objects by using a technique called “synthesis imaging”.  A “synthesis image” is created by combining the multiplied … Continue reading

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