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Can Event Horizons be Created at Lagrange Points in a Multiple Neutron Star System?

Question: I have been interested in astronomy since I was a child. My question arose while I was studying the effects of Lagrangian points between multiple bodies. Imagine a scenario of a binary (or multiple) neutron stars system. Provided the … Continue reading

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How Do Very Large Antenna Arrays Synchronize and Work?

Question: How do very large antenna arrays synchronize with each other and why VLAs are used?  — Aloka Answer: Let me point you to a nice description of how radio telescopes and radio telescope arrays work that has been produced … Continue reading

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Recordings of Transmissions from the Decans of the Zodiac

Question: Do recordings of the transmissions from the decans of all twelve zodiac constellations exist anywhere? If so, are they available to the public.  — Toby Answer: I suspect that by “decans” you are referring to the artificial demarcation system … Continue reading

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How Strong is the Signal from the Voyager 1 Spacecraft When it Reaches Earth?

Question: What is the signal strength in watts received by the VLBA that is transmitted from Voyager 1? I recall that Voyager 1 transmits at 22 watts and is nearly 20 billion km away, so how weak is the signal … Continue reading

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Black Holes and Gravitational Redshifting of Emission

Question: What do black holes look like on radio telescope images? Specifically how does a visible light image of a black hole compare to a radio telescope image of the same black hole? I’m curious whether gravitational time dilation and … Continue reading

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Introductory Information on Astronomical Techniques

Question: Hey there! I love astronomy too!! Currently I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in physics as there is no such courses in astronomy in India. I want to learn astronomy and later on pursue astronomy as a career. Can … Continue reading

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Relationship Between Planetary Orbits and Sun Rotation

Question: I was wondering about the relation between the Sun’s own rotation relative to the planets orbit around the sun. Does it also rotate counterclockwise?  Do you have any information about that?  — Rasmus Answer: Yes, the Sun rotates in … Continue reading

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Does the Sun’s Rotation Speed Dictate the Orbital Speed of the Planets?

Question: Are the planets orbiting the sun at the same speed as the sun revolves on its axis? Or are some planets moving slower or faster than the sun spins, of course the position in the solar system dictates how … Continue reading

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How Can Gas Particles Stick Together to Ultimately Form Stars and Planets?

Question: There is a lot of acceptance that when the gases of the universe began to join and spin because of the impact of those collisions. That would mean that all particles hit in the same direction, like using your … Continue reading

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Can Time Dilation Near a Black Hole Explain the Orbits of Stars Near the Black Hole?

Question: Regarding galaxy rotation.  Although the supermassive black hole at the center of a Galaxy probably isn’t strong enough to speed up the rotation of its more distant stars so as to make the velocity curve level, nevertheless the time-dilation … Continue reading

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