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What if the Moon Moved Randomly in its Orbit?

Question: What will happen if the moon moves randomly?  — Ahmed Answer: Since the Earth’s Moon is an important gravitational influence on the Earth, we would certainly notice if it started to move randomly.  The most noticeable effect of random … Continue reading

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What if the Sun did not turn into a Red Giant and the Moon moved out of its Orbit Around the Earth?

Question: What effects would we see on Earth if the Sun wouldn’t turn into a Red Giant? If the Moon would move away slowly until extracted from its orbit, would that, for example, affect Earth’s axis?  – Walle Answer: If … Continue reading

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Location of a List of Solar System Objects and Their Naming Conventions?

Question: Simple question.  What is the website address that I may gain access to the recorded bodies and there naming conventions?  — Chuck Answer: The International Astronomical Union (IAU) maintains a web site which contains all of the information regarding … Continue reading

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Why isn’t the Precession of the Lunar Nodes Uniform with Time?

Question: I am an amateur naked eye astronomer.  I teach astronomy to 6th graders, I read a lot on the subject, and I do a lot of experiments and observations to better understand the movements of the sun, moon, etc. … Continue reading

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Will the Moon Continue to Move Away from the Earth?

Question:  My unqualified theory is simple. Yes the moon is moving away and has been proved but it will eventually come to a halt and then the Hawkin theory about galaxies colliding – well the same principle works for two … Continue reading

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The Earth-Moon Spin-Orbit Resonance

Question:  For being a chunk of Earth’s primordial matter the Moon is quite an amazing stellar feat…it orbits synchronously about the earth with an axis spin velocity 1/100 that of Earth and counterclockwise orbit equal in period as that of … Continue reading

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What Would Happen to the Orbit of the Moon if it Were Twice as Massive?

Question:  If the Moon was twice more massive and if it had the same orbital speed, would its orbit change?  Further from Earth (because of the centrifugal force), or closer to Earth (because of the gravitational force) or the same … Continue reading

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What Happens as the Moon Moves Away from the Earth?

Question(s): The Earth’s moon is moving away from Earth by a few centimeters a year.  Will it break free from Earth’s gravitational influence before our Sun turns into a red giant and fries the inner planets of our solar system? … Continue reading

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