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Could the Accelerating Expansion of the Universe be due to a Pulling Force?

Question: Isn’t it possible that the answer to the increasing speed of the expansion of the Universe is that it is being pulled apart not being pushed apart? If the “unknown” Universe was trillions of light years of dark energy … Continue reading

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Top Achievements for the NRAO Very Large Array

Question:  I’m embarrassed to ask this, as I feel after working here for so long I should already know the answer. But here it is: What are the top 3 discoveries/achievements of the VLA? And why?  — Doug Answer:  As … Continue reading

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Dark Energy, Universal Expansion, and Peculiar Galaxy Motions

Question:  I have been hearing lately in some space documentaries that black energy, which makes the universe expand and at an increasing speed, separate and repulse objects such as galaxies from one another, am I correct?  But i also heard … Continue reading

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Will Dark Energy Tear Apart Black Holes?

Question:  Will dark energy eventually tear apart black holes, especially supermassive black holes?  – Reinaldo Answer:  Let’s start with a basic understanding what what Dark Energy is thought to be.  It is a hypothetical form of energy which is thought … Continue reading

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New Technologies to Detect Dark Energy?

Question: Are there any new technologies used to detect the existence of dark matter and if so what might they be? I am currently working on a school project and am writing an article about dark matter and would like … Continue reading

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