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How Can a Supermassive Black Hole Form in a Galaxy Only 900 Million Years After the Big Bang?

Question: It is a challenging research topics to search how supermassive black holes formed at the early epoch. I am very much interested to do my future research on this topic. Could how please tell me what can be possible … Continue reading

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Why are Andromeda and the Milky Way on a Collision Course Rather than Moving Away from Each Other?

Question: If the universe is expanding and all galaxies are moving away from each other, how is it possible that the Andromeda and milky way galaxies are on a collision course?  – Johnny Answer: It is correct that on the … Continue reading

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Are There Multiple Universes?

Question: Hi! I am from Salt Lake City Utah. I’m in the sixth grade and in middle school. Middle school is really amazing and I love it. But what I love about it the most is my science teacher. His … Continue reading

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Light Travel Time from Exploding Stars

Question:  I am not able to understand one thing, when we say we saw a star exploded billions of light years away, does it mean it exploded billions of light years ago but the light reached to you just now. … Continue reading

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The Kerfuffle Over Non-Cosmological Quasar Redshifts

Question:  Some years ago I read an article that said (if I recall correctly) that there were quasars that seemed to be associated with galaxies (maybe in the center), but the quasar’s much larger red shifts implied that their distance … Continue reading

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How Do Astronomers Study How Things Evolve?

Question:  We know that stars and galaxies we see are just fossil light as they were millions or billions of years ago. Is it possible to extrapolate the changes that we see today in those galaxies to determine their current … Continue reading

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What is a Fairly Representative Radio Astronomy Project?

Question:  What is a fairly representative project a radio astronomer might be involved with perhaps to investigate dark energy or some other equally interesting phenomenon?  – Steve Answer:  As the number of interesting projects that one can do with radio … Continue reading

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Dark Matter and the Stuff Humans are Made of

Question:  If dark matter does not emit or reflect any kind of light, (As I have heard from Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos series) then how come we can see [ourselves in] a mirror?  – Cyrus Answer:  Scientists love to perform … Continue reading

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Optical and Radio Measurements of the Gravitational Bending of Light Around the Sun

Question:  VLBA measurements have been used to confirm gravitational bending of radio waves by the Sun in confirmation of General relativity of 1″.75 prediction. Most optical observations are usually higher than this. What amount of VLBA data measurements show a … Continue reading

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Top Achievements for the NRAO Very Large Array

Question:  I’m embarrassed to ask this, as I feel after working here for so long I should already know the answer. But here it is: What are the top 3 discoveries/achievements of the VLA? And why?  — Doug Answer:  As … Continue reading

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