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Top Achievements for the NRAO Very Large Array

Question:  I’m embarrassed to ask this, as I feel after working here for so long I should already know the answer. But here it is: What are the top 3 discoveries/achievements of the VLA? And why?  — Doug Answer:  As … Continue reading

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What is the Difference Between the Redness of an Object and its Redshift?

Question:  What is the difference between Doppler shift of light and Natural light spectra (blue for young and red for old) with respect to stars and galaxies? How does astronomers differentiate between Doppler shift and Natural light spectra of deep … Continue reading

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What is the Flux Density of the Cosmic Microwave Background?

Question:  The temperature of the CMB is about 3 Kelvin, but the 3 K here mean the brightness temperature or the antennna temperature ? what is the CMB flux density ? – Hongmin Answer:  The CMB temperature is the physical … Continue reading

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How Did the First Galaxies Form?

Question:  From where did this initial cloud of gases and dust come? In other words, how did the cloud form? Why were these gases and this dust together in a cloud? I read on another website that the cloud began … Continue reading

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Time Dilation and the Speed of Light

Question:  T or F: Since gravitational time dilation has been confirmed to exist. The speed of light cannot be constant since speed = distance÷ time and if the denominator changes then the speed must also change? Or atleast the distance … Continue reading

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Cosmic Inflation

Question:  Has anyone considered that the increase rate of expansion of the universe may be do to a combination of the universe’s rigid body mode (Big bang expansion) and flexible body mode or modes of vibration of the universe caused … Continue reading

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Relativity and the Twin Paradox in a Spherical Universe

Question:  Would relativity hold true if the universe had spherical geometry? For example, the famous twin paradox is resolved because the twin that leaves the Earth has to turn around (accelerate) to get back home. If the universe was spherical, … Continue reading

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Dark Matter and Gravity

Question:  Hi, I have recently visited NRAO. I am very glad to see the way the research is going. I am very thankfull to you guys. Here is my questions:  — Venkata Q1.  I have recently learned that gravity effects … Continue reading

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The James Webb Space Telescope and Cosmology

Question:  As per current observations mostly from Hubble telescope and its deep field view, that universe is accelerating much faster at its observable edges, which forms the basis for Hubble constant and the age of the universe. Will the age … Continue reading

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Planck Satellite Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background

Question:  The latest data on the cosmic microwave background seemed to strengthen the anomalous findings from the first map. Do you think there really is evidence of another Universe contacting our own? and are there any new theories to account … Continue reading

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