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Star Gazer Lives On

Hi Folks, Through a very interesting article in the latest edition of Astronomy Beat, produced by my colleagues at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), I was re-introduced to a wonderful little PBS-produced television show called “Star Gazers”.  These … Continue reading

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Is There a Standard for Constellation Patterns?

Question:  I’m Juliana, 25, a brazilian astronomy college student, and I’m curious about constellations. I know they’re regions in the sky, not really groups of stars, but they’re presented for the public as shapes of animals, Gods and objects, and … Continue reading

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Star Wheel with Pulsar Locations for the Northern Hemisphere?

Question:  The Parkes Radio Telescope has designed a star finder that locates pulsars on it: https://68569a01-a-57edd292-s-sites.googlegroups.com/a/uncleal.net/ag/uncle-als-starwheels/ParkesStarWheel.pdf?attachauth=ANoY7coPZbmLgYn65LCyVdRVYD2cuRHbQIwPiDQNQEMIK9SQbJQZhAXKi3VPXqGngxFHzRRXAF1_oS6ttUrnf8KKXBlLOOCrUKyvw4VROfbIsQtajOi9xnqJ6EaXpnO76xBo2hdHv4WIbjPM5fEuB7j7IQN9TcP38IhytQxxeTjy7CwcFLrYJvhOmuCAh1ngb_nVbxnUZ-hKSWLjbsAwZoudGMsJ8ZDhTXlT5Cm0SDLR98YeGtO0WJw%3D&attredirects=0 But this star wheel is designed for southern sky users.  Has NRAO designed a star wheel with pulsars on it for Northern Sky Users?  … Continue reading

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How Big is the Big Dipper?

Question: How big is the Big Dipper?  – Kristyn Answer: The Big Dipper is about 26 degrees in length on the sky, from the end star of the “handle” to the side of the “dipper”. Jeff Mangum

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How Many Stars in the Ancient Constellation Argo Navis?

Question:  I have a question about the ancient constellation Argo Navis. I am trying to determine from exactly how many stars it was comprised. I have seen one reference that lists an enormous number of stars. Another lists 26. Which … Continue reading

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Which Constellations are Visible All Year Long from the Earth’s Equator?

Question: What are constellations [are] visible from the equator all year round, and [which] constellations [are] NOT visible all year round ([from the] equator)?  – Chae Answer: There are no constellations visible all-year from the Earth’s equator.  By the same … Continue reading

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What are Constellations?

Question: My class and I are working on a class project about constellations so I was wondering if you could answer some of my questions. The first question that I have is what is a constellation. The second question that … Continue reading

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Mythology and the Constellations

Question:  We are doing a project on constellations and were wondering if you could answer our question:  why do the myths about the constellations correspond with legends from different cultures? Answer: It was natural for early cultures to see pictures … Continue reading

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