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Benefits of a Career in Astronomy

Question:  Hi , I’m in high school and was asked what are the benefits of your career that you have chosen and as a resolute I chose astronomy.  What kind and how are the benefits to this career?  – Alonso … Continue reading

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What is an Astrogeologist?

Question:  I am a sophomore and I have been fascinated with anything about space for as long as I can remember. I’m am currently researching about the astronomy careers. I plan to be an astro geologist and I’m still not … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Being An Astronomer

Question:  What are the pros and Cons of the job as an astronomer?  – Johny Answer:  The Careers in Astronomy section of this blog contains quite a bit of information that would answer this question.  In general, a career in … Continue reading

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Interview Questions on Your Career as an Astronomer

Question:  I have an Interview to ask!! Is for a school project!! – Melarie Q: What is your name? A: Jeff Mangum Q: What is your job title? A: Scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory Q: What is your … Continue reading

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What Skills Are Needed to be an Astronomer?

Question:  What basic training is needed to become an astronomer?  – Adeshina Answer: I have assembled pointers to several sources for this information on my Student Resources page.  You might also want to consult my previous posts on this subject.  … Continue reading

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Astronomer Career Questionnaire

Questions: I have some questions that I need answered for an essay on your career as an astronomer.  – Daniel 1) What college did you go to? I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley and … Continue reading

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Essay Topics on Astronomy

Question:  What are some good topics to do on an expository essay? I want to become and astronomer some day and I want to do my essay on something related to astronomy.  – Disha Answer: Really any topic that you … Continue reading

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Astronomy Career Questions

Question: I wanted to ask you if you could help me with some questions about how to become an astronomer?  – Disha How do you detect black holes? I mean, I know that you use x-rays but how do they … Continue reading

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The Importance of Electronics Technicians to Astronomy

Question: Are there careers for electronics technicians in the field of radio astronomy?  I’m referring to those with 2-year associates degrees in electronics.  I know there’s a lot of electronics involved in radio telescopes.  Someone has to be maintaining that … Continue reading

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Careers in Radio Astronomy

Question:  Hello,I am currently a Final Year Electronics Engineering student at the Mumbai University. I’ve been a life long Astronomy enthusiast and have attended a few courses/lectures related to the celestial science through which I’ve gained considerable insight into the … Continue reading

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