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What is an Astrogeologist?

Question:  I am a sophomore and I have been fascinated with anything about space for as long as I can remember. I’m am currently researching about the astronomy careers. I plan to be an astro geologist and I’m still not … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Being An Astronomer

Question:  What are the pros and Cons of the job as an astronomer?  – Johny Answer:  The Careers in Astronomy section of this blog contains quite a bit of information that would answer this question.  In general, a career in … Continue reading

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Interview Questions on Your Career as an Astronomer

Question:  I have an Interview to ask!! Is for a school project!! – Melarie Q: What is your name? A: Jeff Mangum Q: What is your job title? A: Scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory Q: What is your … Continue reading

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What Skills Are Needed to be an Astronomer?

Question:  What basic training is needed to become an astronomer?  – Adeshina Answer: I have assembled pointers to several sources for this information on my Student Resources page.  You might also want to consult my previous posts on this subject.  … Continue reading

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Astronomer Career Questionnaire

Questions: I have some questions that I need answered for an essay on your career as an astronomer.  – Daniel 1) What college did you go to? I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley and … Continue reading

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Essay Topics on Astronomy

Question:  What are some good topics to do on an expository essay? I want to become and astronomer some day and I want to do my essay on something related to astronomy.  – Disha Answer: Really any topic that you … Continue reading

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Astronomy Career Questions

Question: I wanted to ask you if you could help me with some questions about how to become an astronomer?  – Disha How do you detect black holes? I mean, I know that you use x-rays but how do they … Continue reading

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The Importance of Electronics Technicians to Astronomy

Question: Are there careers for electronics technicians in the field of radio astronomy?  I’m referring to those with 2-year associates degrees in electronics.  I know there’s a lot of electronics involved in radio telescopes.  Someone has to be maintaining that … Continue reading

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Careers in Radio Astronomy

Question:  Hello,I am currently a Final Year Electronics Engineering student at the Mumbai University. I’ve been a life long Astronomy enthusiast and have attended a few courses/lectures related to the celestial science through which I’ve gained considerable insight into the … Continue reading

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Potential Careers Related to Astronomy

Question:  I’m doing a project on astronomy and one section that I’ve added is of the many potential careers you can have that’s related to astronomy. I’m also trying to add an example of an important person for each job. … Continue reading

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