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What Was That Bright Light in the Sky Over the Southwestern US on November 7, 2015?

Question: On Nov 7th around 7PM in Tucson, we observed a very unusual sight in the sky, one that I have never seen before.  I believe it might have been related to the missile test off CA, but the way … Continue reading

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Higher Incidence of Meteors Hitting Earth or Better Reporting?

Question:  There has been a lot in the news lately of reports of fireballs and meteors. Is there an increase in the amount or are we just becoming better at reporting them?  — Mo Answer:  There is no evidence to … Continue reading

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Strange Glow in the Daytime Sky

Question: Today, while I was walking down my street, I noticed a strange thing in the sky. One part of the sky was illuminated in a good shade of Blue. Unlike the blue sky, it was more radiating and glowing. … Continue reading

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Unidentified Lights in the Sky

Question: What am I seeing in the sky? (I have been fascinated by astronomy ever since I was a kid.  Recently, I have been “starring off” into the night sky for long periods of time.  I have done this out … Continue reading

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Bright Object Between the Big and Little Dipper?

Question: For the past two evenings (June 26 and 27, 2012) at about 9pm I have seen a bright object in the North at about 40 degrees. It is between the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper and it is … Continue reading

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