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How Can a Supermassive Black Hole Form in a Galaxy Only 900 Million Years After the Big Bang?

Question: It is a challenging research topics to search how supermassive black holes formed at the early epoch. I am very much interested to do my future research on this topic. Could how please tell me what can be possible … Continue reading

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Can Black Holes Swallow Planets and Moons?

Question: Can black holes swallow planets and moons?  – Chandi Answer: Black Holes swallow anything that gets trapped in its voracious gravitational pull.  Stars, gas, dust, planets, moons, etc. can all be swallowed by a Black Hole. Jeff Mangum

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What are those Jets Streaming from a Black Hole?

Question: On a recent visit to the Very Large Array we saw a radio image of a black hole with two streams of gas and dust being ejected from the area.  Is this essentially the EXIT for matter from the … Continue reading

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Can Black Holes Eat One Another?

Question: Ok so say the universe gets to a point where every black hole consumes everything including each other until your left with a single black hole. Or would this not be possible due to the universe ever expanding and … Continue reading

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What are the Effects on Radio Waves When They Pass Near a Black Hole?

Question: What are the effects of radio waves when near a black holes event horizon?  – Aleksander Answer: Assuming that you are asking what the effects of a black hole are on radio waves as they pass near an event … Continue reading

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What Happens to Matter that Falls into a Black Hole?

Question:  So a question from the uneducated. If all matter at the beginning was in one infinitely small point so incredibly charged with energy would that weight punch through space creating a hole in the universe  thus creating the first … Continue reading

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How Can a Black Hole Have an Outflow?

Question:  Black holes are defined as a zone where the gravity is so dense that nothing, not even light, can escape from being drawn in, yet “Fermi Bubbles” are where ” energy often escapes from these systems (Galaxies ) in … Continue reading

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Can One Send a Spacecraft Into a Black Hole?

Question:  [Would it be possible to] send a spacecraft into a black hole?  – Cyrus Answer:  Yes, but if we were to do that we should make sure to use one of our least expensive spacecrafts!  And there better not … Continue reading

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Can Black Holes Explode?

Question:  Can a black hole explode?  – Dirk Answer:  Black holes don’t really “explode”, which implies that they generate a large outburst of energy which ultimately tears them apart, but they do have outbursts (also, unfortunately, referred to as “explosions”).  … Continue reading

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Can Gravitationally-Lensed Objects be Studied at Any Wavelength?

Question:  As per definition, Gravitational lensing refers to bending of light rays from a distant source around a massive object (Galaxy cluster) which tends to magnify the background light source. If visible light rays bend around those massive objects then … Continue reading

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