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What Happens to Black Holes, Pulsars, Quasars, and White Dwarfs at the Ends of their Life Cycles?

Question: What happens to black holes, pulsars, quasars, and white dwarfs at the end of their life cycles? — Monte Answer: The life cycle endpoints for these objects are all very different.  Black Holes are not currently known to die … Continue reading

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What Methods Have Scientists Used to Confirm the LIGO Discovery of Gravity Waves?

Question: Information says that the gravitational waves, recently detected by LIGO, correspond (according to Einstein theory equations) to the effect of two black holes merging (with the masses of both black holes being estimated). So the fact of two celestial … Continue reading

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What if the Big Bang Started as a Gigantic Supernova and Associated Black Hole?

Question: A cosmological “what if ” Here’s my question: suppose for the sake of argument, the big bang happened somewhat differently, that it was like a huge mega supernova, and created super-duper massive black hole. A universal black hole. THE … Continue reading

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What is a Black Hole Made of?

Question: I googled this question while looking for an answer to something even more vague:  what is a black hole made of?   If the 3 observable properties or a black hole are supposed to be mass, charge, and angular momentum, … Continue reading

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What Happens When Two Black Holes Exert Their Gravitational Forces on Each Other?

Question: Hi there, I had a question more open to speculation than hard fact but here goes. What happens (or could potentially happen) if two black holes exerted their gravitational forces upon one another? Would the larger simply absorb the … Continue reading

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What Happens to Matter Which Falls Into a Black Hole?

Question: So i was reading an article on black holes and i came across hawking saying matter which falls into black holes get destroyed,and it is a paradox as matter can neither be destroyed or created but transformed.  So a … Continue reading

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Can Event Horizons be Created at Lagrange Points in a Multiple Neutron Star System?

Question: I have been interested in astronomy since I was a child. My question arose while I was studying the effects of Lagrangian points between multiple bodies. Imagine a scenario of a binary (or multiple) neutron stars system. Provided the … Continue reading

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How Long Does it Take the Sun to Orbit the Center of our Galaxy?

Question: How long does it take our sun to complete a full orbit around the super blackhole at the center of the Milky Way?  — Dustin Answer: We can calculate this value by noting that the Sun is about 8 … Continue reading

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Do Black Holes Create Dark Energy?

Question: Hi, my name is Kemp and I just finished watching a program from the Discovery Channel entitled “Understanding the Universe”. The program triggered an odd question, do blackholes create dark energy and/or dark matter relative to their size?  — … Continue reading

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Black Holes and Gravitational Redshifting of Emission

Question: What do black holes look like on radio telescope images? Specifically how does a visible light image of a black hole compare to a radio telescope image of the same black hole? I’m curious whether gravitational time dilation and … Continue reading

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