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Questions About Cosmology and Catching Near Earth Objects

Question #1: Hello there! Sorry for the previous thing I had sent, it was merely a comment. I am a 16 year old high school student who is interested in the study of the stars and our universe itself.  And … Continue reading

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Can the VLA and VLBA be used to Detect Rouge Asteroids?

Question: I’m wondering if the VLA/VLBA dedicates any observation time keeping an eye out for rouge asteroids which might intersect near our orbit?  — Doug Answer: The Very Large Array (VLA) and Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) are not well … Continue reading

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Comet or Asteroid Impact on Earth’s Ocean

Question:  I have been watching a programme on the Science channel of the dangers that will ensue when the Earth is struck by a comet or asteroid; extinction of species; damage to our atmosphere and the possible destruction of whole … Continue reading

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How to Move an Asteriod Out of Harms Way

Question:  It is true that there will be asteroids artificially set in Moon’s orbit? In how many years can it be possible? It will be temporary? They will be seen from Earth? Thank you for your answers.  — Claudio Answer:  … Continue reading

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Objects that Collide with Earth

Question: Hypothetical question: We hear about what would happen when the Earth is struck by comets and asteroids; the extinction of the dinosaurs for example or the end of life on our planet for us humans. In its infancy the … Continue reading

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