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Can Radio Telescopes Detect the Black Box from Malaysian Airlines Flight 370?

I have received several questions about the detectability of the black box from MH370… Questions: Does not the Black box of Malaysian Airlines work at 37.5 kHz, if the sensors are isolated at those frequencies, wouldn’t we be able to … Continue reading

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Can Brain Waves be Detected by a Satellite Radio Telescope Array?

Question:  I have a question that pertains both to space and life on the ground.  It is my theory that, in essence, the U.S. communications and spy satellite network could be used as a massive (about 13 billion square-mile) radio … Continue reading

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Are Quasars and Radio Galaxies the Same Thing?

Question:  I’m interested in the differences and similarities between radio galaxies and quasars. Different sources say different things. Are radio galaxies just quasars with the “jets” pointed away from us, or are there other differences between them?  – Steve Answer:  … Continue reading

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Is There a Standard for Constellation Patterns?

Question:  I’m Juliana, 25, a brazilian astronomy college student, and I’m curious about constellations. I know they’re regions in the sky, not really groups of stars, but they’re presented for the public as shapes of animals, Gods and objects, and … Continue reading

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Why is the Earth’s Orbit Around the Sun Elliptical?

Question:  Why is the Earth’s revolution around the sun elliptical rather than a perfect circle? I feel like if there is the same amount of inertia and gravity acting on the Earth at all times, the revolution would end up … Continue reading

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How Much Longer Will We Be Able to Detect Voyager 1?

Question:  The space probe “Voyager 1″ has now left our solar system and is venturing into interstellar space. This in itself is magnificent achievement but for how much longer will Voyager 1 be able to gather data and transmit it … Continue reading

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Comet or Asteroid Impact on Earth’s Ocean

Question:  I have been watching a programme on the Science channel of the dangers that will ensue when the Earth is struck by a comet or asteroid; extinction of species; damage to our atmosphere and the possible destruction of whole … Continue reading

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How Many Stars in the Ancient Constellation Argo Navis?

Question:  I have a question about the ancient constellation Argo Navis. I am trying to determine from exactly how many stars it was comprised. I have seen one reference that lists an enormous number of stars. Another lists 26. Which … Continue reading

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The Andromeda Galaxy’s Orientation Relative to Us

Question: Do you know if there is current agreement about which edge of the Andromeda galaxy (M31) is closest to the Milky Way?  I don’t believe present distance measurements are precise enough to distinguish the near and far sides with … Continue reading

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Unidentified Lights in the Sky

Question: What am I seeing in the sky? (I have been fascinated by astronomy ever since I was a kid.  Recently, I have been “starring off” into the night sky for long periods of time.  I have done this out … Continue reading

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