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What Causes the Light and Dark Areas on Radar Images of Asteroid 2015 TB145?

Question: Just saw the stunning images of asteroid 2015 TB145. These are images obtained by illuminating the asteroid with microwaves from a source nearly the same direction as the receiving antenna. Why does the asteroid appear to be illuminated from … Continue reading

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Is the Motion of the Moon in the Sky Variable?

Question: Last night with the Super Moon/Eclipse the sky was clear and the moon (in the West?) seemed to move slowly,  if at all.  Tonight the moon was moving very fast (towards the East?) and seemed to be BELOW the … Continue reading

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Why is the New Horizons Spacecraft Slowing Down?

Question: Why is New Horizons slowing down? I check it on line every day and its speed is constant. Today its losing speed.  — Tom Answer: I don’t know of any specific reason as to why New Horizons would have … Continue reading

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Relationship Between Planetary Orbits and Sun Rotation

Question: I was wondering about the relation between the Sun’s own rotation relative to the planets orbit around the sun. Does it also rotate counterclockwise?  Do you have any information about that?  — Rasmus Answer: Yes, the Sun rotates in … Continue reading

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Questions About Cosmology and Catching Near Earth Objects

Question #1: Hello there! Sorry for the previous thing I had sent, it was merely a comment. I am a 16 year old high school student who is interested in the study of the stars and our universe itself.  And … Continue reading

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Does the Sun’s Rotation Speed Dictate the Orbital Speed of the Planets?

Question: Are the planets orbiting the sun at the same speed as the sun revolves on its axis? Or are some planets moving slower or faster than the sun spins, of course the position in the solar system dictates how … Continue reading

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How Can Gas Particles Stick Together to Ultimately Form Stars and Planets?

Question: There is a lot of acceptance that when the gases of the universe began to join and spin because of the impact of those collisions. That would mean that all particles hit in the same direction, like using your … Continue reading

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What Are Those Two Bright Lights on the Western Horizon?

Question: On July 15, 2015, observing from Las Vegas, Nevada, there are 2 objects (Low) in the Western sky. One is bright the other dim. Are they Venus and Jupiter?  — George Answer: Yes!  Venus, the brighter of the two, … Continue reading

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What is that Bright Object in the Western Sky After Sunset?

Question: What bright light is in nepa’s sw sky at 30degrees above the horizion at 9:15 edt.  — Tom Answer: Although I don’t exactly know what location you are observing from, I suspect that you are seeing Jupiter and Venus, … Continue reading

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Proof that the Oort Cloud Exists?

Question: I’m somewhat skeptical about the existence of the Oort Cloud. Some of the estimates I’ve heard indicate that it could stretch halfway to Proxima Centauri. Unless the interstellar medium is itself far less “empty” than predicted, it would seem … Continue reading

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