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Values for the Terms in the Drake Equation

Question: I am conducting research on the Drake Equation.  I am having trouble locking down set values.  I can only find estimations of the viable planets but what I need are the actual numbers to plug into the equation.  Can … Continue reading

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What Equipment Does One Need to Send a Radio Signal to a Distant Star?

Question: Hi. I’m doing some research for a piece of fiction and was wondering: if you had a radio transmitter/receiver aimed at a far star 1) what kind of equipment would one need and 2) how would the equipment’s behaviour … Continue reading

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Are UFO’s Real?

Question: What is your opion of UFO’s  observed from ground surface and those observed from space stations and shuttle flights?  I have heard the there is a “Coloney” on the side of the moon we never seen.  Your opinion?  — … Continue reading

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Is There Life Beyond Earth?

Question:  Is there life on other earth like planets out of our solar system? — Enoch Answer: To-date evidence of life beyond Earth has not been found.  That is not to say that life beyond Earth does not exist, though.  … Continue reading

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Evidence for Life Beyond Earth?

Question:  Hi! My name is Natasha and I live in New Jersey and am 17 years old. I am currently a Senior in high school and I’m planning on pursuing Astronomy and Physics in my future. Currently, I am in … Continue reading

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