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Orbital Period of the Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy

Question: I have read that the Sun is about 15.3 kpc from the centre of the Galaxy and moving at about 230 km/s. I have also read that it takes about 200 million years to orbit the Galaxy. But if … Continue reading

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Motion of the Stars in the Night Sky

Question: Why do we see the same stars every day of the year in there same location when we orbit?  No way does the Cosmo’s move with us.  – Mike Answer: In fact, the stars that one can see in … Continue reading

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Relationship Between Planetary Orbits and Sun Rotation

Question: I was wondering about the relation between the Sun’s own rotation relative to the planets orbit around the sun. Does it also rotate counterclockwise?  Do you have any information about that?  – Rasmus Answer: Yes, the Sun rotates in … Continue reading

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How Can Gas Particles Stick Together to Ultimately Form Stars and Planets?

Question: There is a lot of acceptance that when the gases of the universe began to join and spin because of the impact of those collisions. That would mean that all particles hit in the same direction, like using your … Continue reading

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Can Time Dilation Near a Black Hole Explain the Orbits of Stars Near the Black Hole?

Question: Regarding galaxy rotation.  Although the supermassive black hole at the center of a Galaxy probably isn’t strong enough to speed up the rotation of its more distant stars so as to make the velocity curve level, nevertheless the time-dilation … Continue reading

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What Lies Beyond the Known Universe?

Question: Do dimensions really exists? [Also,] are the black holes really or possibly portals leading to different dimensions (like a whole new universe or a totally different universe)?  [Also,] right now I read in the blog about like the diameter … Continue reading

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Does the Sun’s Rotational Axis Precess?

Question: The earth has the north celestial pole position today near Polaris and has a 25000 year cycle circle.  What is the same for the SUN’s north celestial pole and wobble?  – David Answer: The precession of the Earth’s rotational … Continue reading

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What Equipment Does One Need to Send a Radio Signal to a Distant Star?

Question: Hi. I’m doing some research for a piece of fiction and was wondering: if you had a radio transmitter/receiver aimed at a far star 1) what kind of equipment would one need and 2) how would the equipment’s behaviour … Continue reading

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What Causes the Earth’s Magnetic Field?

Question: Earth acts like a magnetic field that we all know. But firstly, the question which comes in our mind is what is the source of this magnetic field. After reading various articles and from sites about this, I got … Continue reading

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Do Radio Sources “Twinkle”?

Question: Usually observations with radio telescopes are not affected by rain, clouds etc. but recently i heard scintillation effects can affect observations with radio telescopes. I want to know why it is affected by that. – Anjali Answer: Radio observations … Continue reading

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