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The Nibiru Hoax and a Purported Collision with Christmas

Question: I was wondering people are saying nibiru is going to hit earth before Christmas? Is this true and is nibiru real?  — Josephine Answer: I have posted several comments about Nibiru, which is a mythical “hidden” planet that purports … Continue reading

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Recordings of Transmissions from the Decans of the Zodiac

Question: Do recordings of the transmissions from the decans of all twelve zodiac constellations exist anywhere? If so, are they available to the public.  — Toby Answer: I suspect that by “decans” you are referring to the artificial demarcation system … Continue reading

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Unrealistic Orbit for Nibiru

Question:  If Nibiru, as claimed, makes it’s entrance into our solar system every 3,600 years, then you would have to assume that every 3,600 years, the entire Earth is destroyed and rebuilt over and over again. But, 3,600 years ago, … Continue reading

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The Planet Nibiru Hoax

Question:  I am inquiring about a planet called Nibiru, if you have any information on this planet please send pictures of where this planet is located or where it is supposed to be located.  If not,  maybe you could suggest … Continue reading

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Hoaxes in Astronomy

Question:  I had a question about the planet Nibiru.  Does it exist?  I recently read something about a scientist finding a planet on the edge of the Solar System and was wondering if it was Nibiru?  — Sarah Answer:  No, … Continue reading

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