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What is the Flux Density of the Cosmic Microwave Background?

Question:  The temperature of the CMB is about 3 Kelvin, but the 3 K here mean the brightness temperature or the antennna temperature ? what is the CMB flux density ? – Hongmin Answer:  The CMB temperature is the physical … Continue reading

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Radial Extent of Last Scattering Shell at CMB Recombination

Question:  At CMB recombination (z=1090), what is the radial extent of the last scattering “shell”? a) Delta(z) = …. b) Delta(comoving angular distance)= ….Mpc The WMAP first-year parameters give Delta(z) = 195. Is this still correct?  – Rene Answer:  I … Continue reading

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Planck Satellite Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background

Question:  The latest data on the cosmic microwave background seemed to strengthen the anomalous findings from the first map. Do you think there really is evidence of another Universe contacting our own? and are there any new theories to account … Continue reading

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New Technologies to Detect Dark Energy?

Question: Are there any new technologies used to detect the existence of dark matter and if so what might they be? I am currently working on a school project and am writing an article about dark matter and would like … Continue reading

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How are Background Sources of Emission Extracted from Cosmic Microwave Background Measurements?

Question: How many kinds of foreground pollution [are there] in the CMB data, and how [does one] remove them so as to get the real CMB signal?  What role does the improvements of sensitivity and resolution of the telescope play … Continue reading

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