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Star Gazer Lives On

Hi Folks, Through a very interesting article in the latest edition of Astronomy Beat, produced by my colleagues at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), I was re-introduced to a wonderful little PBS-produced television show called “Star Gazers”.  These … Continue reading

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Size and Location of the Ecliptic in 600 BC

Question:  Dear Jeff, I am researching a point about the Ecliptic. a) if you could ‘draw’ the actual ecliptic on the earth’s surface, what would be its maximum width ? b)In 600BC at what place approx. on the North coast … Continue reading

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Some Celestial Events for 2013

Question:  Regardless of Time and Time Zones, what location (coordinates) on Earth will be first in January 2013 to experience the following: In the evening the Sun sets in the west before the “visibly” Full Moon rises in the east–Might … Continue reading

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Significant Astronomical Events in the Future

Question: What is the next significant astronomical event to occur within the next 10 years?    – James Answer: Well, there are in fact many significant astronomical events each year, but this depends upon your definition of “significant”.  For a listing … Continue reading

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