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How Do Black Holes Form?

Question: How do black holes form?  – Harsh Answer: I think that my colleagues at NASA have produced a very nice explanation of what black holes are and how they form.  In a nutshell, when a massive object has not … Continue reading

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The Density of Matter in a Black Hole

Question: A 10 solar mass object would have 10 solar masses enclosed in a radius of 30 km.   The density of a spherical object scales as M/R3.  Relative to the 10 solar mass black hole, how many times denser would … Continue reading

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In What Direction Does the Outflow from a Quasar Go?

Question: Thank you for answering! Is the supposed spinning the reason all the body’s caught in the pull stay in a synchronized belt around it? If so, where does a quasar emit? “North and south?” Or anywhere it pleases? I … Continue reading

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Can a Neutron Star Become a Black Hole?

Question: Can you help with this new question could a man made neutron star be made to then collapse it into a black hole, but I am not sure if it is answerable.  A neutron generator can generate to 108 … Continue reading

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Can Time Dilation Near a Black Hole Explain the Orbits of Stars Near the Black Hole?

Question: Regarding galaxy rotation.  Although the supermassive black hole at the center of a Galaxy probably isn’t strong enough to speed up the rotation of its more distant stars so as to make the velocity curve level, nevertheless the time-dilation … Continue reading

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What Happens to a Black Hole That Radiates to “Nothing”?

Question: Just to clarify, Hawking’s radiations takes place simultaneously to the black hole growing? and, then becomes dominant once the black hole stops growing?  Further, having depleted with a final outburst/explosion leaving behind ” nothing ” – to what level … Continue reading

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Do Black Holes Move Through Spacetime?

Question: Does a black hole move through spacetime or does it draw spacetime to “it” giving the illusion its moving?  – Nigel Answer: Black holes move through spacetime just like any other object in the universe.  It is true, though, … Continue reading

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How Can Jets of Matter Escape a Black Hole?

Question: I don’t understand this: I read somewhere (and this isnt a quote but its close enough) that ….the gravitational pull of a black hole is so great that nothing can escape from it – not even light ( thats … Continue reading

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A Black Hole That Comes Back to Life?

Question: My partner was driving  home yesterday night ( 29 june 2015) listening  to the radio, they were talking about a black hole that they realised had came back to life again.  Would you know specific black hole they talking … Continue reading

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What Lies Beyond the Known Universe?

Question: Do dimensions really exists? [Also,] are the black holes really or possibly portals leading to different dimensions (like a whole new universe or a totally different universe)?  [Also,] right now I read in the blog about like the diameter … Continue reading

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