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Equation for Orbits?

Question: Why does the following equation seem to predict stable orbits around the sun as well as for moons around planets without any involvement of balancing centripetal and gravitational forces. The following is the equation that in my investigation seems … Continue reading

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Why Do Stars Appear to Move in the Night Sky?

Question: Why do the stars in the sky appear to orbit? – Ariana Answer: I think that you are asking why stars appear to move through the night sky from east to west in tracks that appear to be centered … Continue reading

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Can Black Holes Eat One Another?

Question: Ok so say the universe gets to a point where every black hole consumes everything including each other until your left with a single black hole. Or would this not be possible due to the universe ever expanding and … Continue reading

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A Career in Astronomy?

Question: Hi, would you recommend someone to study astronomy from your current work experience? and why.  – Lindokuhle Answer: I suggest that you look over the “Careers in Astronomy” posts elsewhere in this blog for some information regarding careers in … Continue reading

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How to Find the Southern Cross from Panama

Question: Hello…I am visiting Panama, and live at 52degrees N in central Canada.  I heard that I should be able to see the Southern Cross from here.  At what time is best to see it, and since there is a … Continue reading

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Do Home Wireless Routers Interfere with the Telescope Operations at Green Bank WV?

Question: Hi, I just had a general question about small, at home, wireless routers and their interference with satellite signal. I live at Snowshoe, WV, about 25 minutes away from the satellite and observatory in Green Banks, WV. Before buying … Continue reading

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Questions About a Career in Astronomy

Question:  Hi, I am a freshman and am currently enrolled in an Earth Science course at my high school. We are required to interview someone involved in a field which uses knowledge of Earth Science for our final project portfolio. … Continue reading

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Do Gravitational Waves Need a Medium to Travel Through?

Question: Do gravitational waves need a medium to travel. Do they slow down when passing through a medium?  – Michael Answer: Gravitational waves are best described as distortions in the fabric of space that are due to objects with mass.  … Continue reading

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How Fast Do Exoplanets Travel Around Their Parent Stars?

Question:  Looking at data on exoplanets, I’ve noticed a few with what seem like incredibly short projected orbital periods; single digit numbers of days per orbit. This would seem to put these planets travelling through space at incredible velocity relative … Continue reading

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Will We Ever Catch-Up to Voyager One?

Question: If at some point in the extreme future we overtake Voyager One will we return it to earth, increase its speed or just let it continue?  – Thomas Answer: As Voyager One is moving away from Earth and is … Continue reading

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