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Is the Motion of the Moon in the Sky Variable?

Question: Last night with the Super Moon/Eclipse the sky was clear and the moon (in the West?) seemed to move slowly,  if at all.  Tonight the moon was moving very fast (towards the East?) and seemed to be BELOW the … Continue reading

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Why is the New Horizons Spacecraft Slowing Down?

Question: Why is New Horizons slowing down? I check it on line every day and its speed is constant. Today its losing speed.  – Tom Answer: I don’t know of any specific reason as to why New Horizons would have … Continue reading

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What Makes Astronomy an Interesting Field to Study?

Question: what makes astronomy an interesting field of study?  – Shayne Answer: I think you will likely find the answer to your question in my Careers in Astronomy page of this blog. Jeff Mangum

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What was that Bright Light in the Sky?

Question: On September 6, in Glendale AZ, at 20:45 hrs, my husband and I thought we saw a satellite in the North Sky.  (We are sky watchers.)  We agreed it was too bright.  Then it went in circles, then east … Continue reading

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How Many Miles of Fiber Optic Cable Does the VLA Use?

Question: My son and I toured the VLA about 8 years ago when you were first converting from copper to fiber. We just toured with friends on the first Saturday of September. How many miles of fiber were laid? Also, … Continue reading

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Introductory Information on Astronomical Techniques

Question: Hey there! I love astronomy too!! Currently I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in physics as there is no such courses in astronomy in India. I want to learn astronomy and later on pursue astronomy as a career. Can … Continue reading

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How to Determine the Relevant Date for a Star Chart

Question: How can I find the date from a given star-chart?  – Anand Answer: In the following I am going to assume that you are using a star chart appropriate for the mid-latitudes in the northern hemisphere.  The easiest way … Continue reading

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I Love Astronomy!

Question: I am 14 years, from India, I love astronomy, after 12th, what should I do and it is that possible in India ?  – Pooja Answer: Glad to hear that you love astronomy!  So do I.  Most astronomers start … Continue reading

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Is Satellite Internet Service Available within the NRQZ?

Question: Is satellite internet service prohibited in the NRQZ in West Virginia?  – Ron Answer: I believe that satellite internet service is available within the National Radio Quiet Zone (NRQZ). Jeff Mangum

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How Do Black Holes Form?

Question: How do black holes form?  – Harsh Answer: I think that my colleagues at NASA have produced a very nice explanation of what black holes are and how they form.  In a nutshell, when a massive object has not … Continue reading

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