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What is the Age of Kapteyn’s Star?

Question: I’m interested in Kapteyn’s Star. July 2014 popular news reports about the discovery of Kapteyn b & c mentioned an age for the system of 11.5 GY. However, the EU exoplanet database lists an age of 8 GY. (For … Continue reading

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Astronomer Career Interview

Question: Sorry for disturbing. I have to make an interview with an astronomer for my school project. You have already answered these questions 2 years ago but questions have to be asked by me. I asked the same questions again … Continue reading

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Advanced Deep Space Communications Methods

Question: I am seeking recommendations for learning about advanced deep space communication methods. I visited several libraries and found little about how we presently and are preparing for the future of super fast and high speed communication approaches, including encryption, … Continue reading

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What Does an Astronomer Do?

Question: What exactly does an astronomer do? I am 14 and I am planning to become a research astronomer. I would like to know what a research astronomer does… like what does an astronomer trying to find out more about … Continue reading

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How Far Can a Space Probe Go Before We Lose Contact With It?

Question: Hi, my name is Connor. I’m six years old. I’m doing this for my science fair project. I’m in kindergarten. How far can a probe go before we lose contact with it? Answer: The only limitation to how far … Continue reading

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Did the Big Bang Happen in a Pre-Existing Universe?

Question: Is it possible that the big bang occurred in a pre-existing universe? if not, how do we know?  – Gary Answer: I think that the best evidence to support the fact that the Big Bang happened in this universe … Continue reading

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Could the Accelerating Expansion of the Universe be due to a Pulling Force?

Question: Isn’t it possible that the answer to the increasing speed of the expansion of the Universe is that it is being pulled apart not being pushed apart? If the “unknown” Universe was trillions of light years of dark energy … Continue reading

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What if the Moon Moved Randomly in its Orbit?

Question: What will happen if the moon moves randomly?  — Ahmed Answer: Since the Earth’s Moon is an important gravitational influence on the Earth, we would certainly notice if it started to move randomly.  The most noticeable effect of random … Continue reading

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Are UFO’s Real?

Question: What is your opion of UFO’s  observed from ground surface and those observed from space stations and shuttle flights?  I have heard the there is a “Coloney” on the side of the moon we never seen.  Your opinion?  – … Continue reading

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How Difficult is it to get a Job as an Astronomer?

Question: Hi, I am a freshman and I am wondering if it’s hard to get a job as an astronomer because I love everything about space and I am very curious, but I need to know if I will be … Continue reading

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