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Is a Minor in Astronomy a Good Complement to One’s Chosen Major Subject?

Question: I major in business but want to minor in astronomy is that a good choice?  — Josh Answer: I think that a minor in a science, like astronomy, can only be a plus for the work that you will … Continue reading

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Values for the Terms in the Drake Equation

Question: I am conducting research on the Drake Equation.  I am having trouble locking down set values.  I can only find estimations of the viable planets but what I need are the actual numbers to plug into the equation.  Can … Continue reading

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A Career in Astronomy and Access to Astronomy Classes

Question: Hello. I am a college student, and I am extremely interested in astronomy. I am taking math and chemistry but my school doesn’t offer astronomy classes. Can I still get a career in astronomy with a degree in chemistry … Continue reading

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Alternate Theories for the Expansion of the Universe

Question(s): I have three related questions: The redshift of objects indicates that the farther away they are, the faster they’re moving, but wasn’t the observed light emitted millions of years ago, when the object wasn’t so far away?  How do … Continue reading

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Advice for Purchasing a First Telescope

Question: I am purchasing my first telescope and for good viewing of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon, am I best to buy a 130mm aperture or 200mm aperture telescope? Also, I’m deciding whether to go with a telescope that … Continue reading

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What Should a Budding Astronomer Look for in a College?

Question: Hello, I’m a senior in High School and have been planning on being an astronomer for years. I was curious as to what college may be best for an astronomy or physics degree? I have good grades but don’t … Continue reading

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What Educational Degrees Do Most Astronomers Have?

Question: Hey Jeff – I have been looking around your “Careers in Astronomy” thread and cannot seem to find this question. What is your actual degree in astronomy? I would like to know as I am about to do a … Continue reading

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What Was That Bright Light in the Sky Over the Southwestern US on November 7, 2015?

Question: On Nov 7th around 7PM in Tucson, we observed a very unusual sight in the sky, one that I have never seen before.  I believe it might have been related to the missile test off CA, but the way … Continue reading

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Is That a Constellation on My Necklace?

Question: Hello, I just had a question about a constellation. I don’t know how to insert a picture so I’m just going to describe it. I got a necklace with a constellation that looks like Cancer, except there’s an extra … Continue reading

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Can Event Horizons be Created at Lagrange Points in a Multiple Neutron Star System?

Question: I have been interested in astronomy since I was a child. My question arose while I was studying the effects of Lagrangian points between multiple bodies. Imagine a scenario of a binary (or multiple) neutron stars system. Provided the … Continue reading

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