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What Equipment Does One Need to Send a Radio Signal to a Distant Star?

Question: Hi. I’m doing some research for a piece of fiction and was wondering: if you had a radio transmitter/receiver aimed at a far star 1) what kind of equipment would one need and 2) how would the equipment’s behaviour … Continue reading

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Inconsistency Between the Age and Diameter of the Universe?

Question: I have read that the diameter of the universe is 96 billion light years.  How can that be if the universe is a mere 14 billion years old?  Am I to conclude that the 96 billion figure is some … Continue reading

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Academic Path to a Career in Astronomy

Question: Forgive me for asking a question that I’m sure you’ve seen many times over. I’m interested in radio telescopes and a career with them(particularly the prospect of working with the Square Kilometer Array). I’ve been contemplating an undergrad in … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Venus be Fully Lit by the Sun in the Ptolemaic System?

Question: The first known observations of the full planetary phases of Venus were by Galileo at the end of 1610 (though not published until 1613). Using a telescope, Galileo was able to observe Venus going through a full set of … Continue reading

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A Career as an Astronomer

Question: I am 15 and I plan to become and astronomer. I’m a freshman in high school. What classes do you suggest I take my sophomore year? Also, do astronomers travel a lot? What do you suggest I do to … Continue reading

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Dream Job Questionnaire

Question: Hello. For school, I have to interview a person with my dream job and I would be very grateful if you could answer some of my interview questions.  – Leo Q1: What events in your life inspired you to … Continue reading

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What Radio Astronomy Can Be Done at S-Band?

Question: At work, we have a 14 foot dish with an S-Band receiver.  Are there any interesting radio astronomy frequencies around S-Band?  – Frank Answer: The radio astronomy S-band runs from about 2655 to 3352.5 MHz.  Its use in radio … Continue reading

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What is the Large Scale Structure of the Universe?

Question: What does the structure of the universe look like at the largest scales? Galaxy cluster are distributed evenly throughout space with no large gaps There are many more galaxies and clusters in some directions (up and down the milky … Continue reading

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What is the Age of Kapteyn’s Star?

Question: I’m interested in Kapteyn’s Star. July 2014 popular news reports about the discovery of Kapteyn b & c mentioned an age for the system of 11.5 GY. However, the EU exoplanet database lists an age of 8 GY. (For … Continue reading

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Astronomer Career Interview

Question: Sorry for disturbing. I have to make an interview with an astronomer for my school project. You have already answered these questions 2 years ago but questions have to be asked by me. I asked the same questions again … Continue reading

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