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What Would Happen if a Habitable Planet was Discovered?

Question: If an earth-like planet was discovered by a large US observatory that virtually guaranteed the capability of supporting life, would it be announced to the public straight away? Or would/could the government intervene and likely suppress news of the … Continue reading

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The Density of Matter in a Black Hole

Question: A 10 solar mass object would have 10 solar masses enclosed in a radius of 30 km.   The density of a spherical object scales as M/R3.  Relative to the 10 solar mass black hole, how many times denser would … Continue reading

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A Question About a Career in Astronomy

Question: How can I get involved in a career uncovering the “unexplained” of the universe? I am interested in that particular part of astronomy, but I am not sure if it is too specific, or something that I cannot easily … Continue reading

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Questions About Cosmology and Catching Near Earth Objects

Question #1: Hello there! Sorry for the previous thing I had sent, it was merely a comment. I am a 16 year old high school student who is interested in the study of the stars and our universe itself.  And … Continue reading

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In What Direction Does the Outflow from a Quasar Go?

Question: Thank you for answering! Is the supposed spinning the reason all the body’s caught in the pull stay in a synchronized belt around it? If so, where does a quasar emit? “North and south?” Or anywhere it pleases? I … Continue reading

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Does the Sun’s Rotation Speed Dictate the Orbital Speed of the Planets?

Question: Are the planets orbiting the sun at the same speed as the sun revolves on its axis? Or are some planets moving slower or faster than the sun spins, of course the position in the solar system dictates how … Continue reading

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Where is the Center of the Big Bang?

Question: My understanding is that the COBE experiments back in the late 80s/early 90s were successful in detecting what we generally believe to be the CMB leftover from the big bang. In reading about the experiment I haven’t had much … Continue reading

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Can a Neutron Star Become a Black Hole?

Question: Can you help with this new question could a man made neutron star be made to then collapse it into a black hole, but I am not sure if it is answerable.  A neutron generator can generate to 108 … Continue reading

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When Does the Earth’s Prime Meridian Line Up With the Celestial Meridian?

Question: On what date and time to the nearest second (in the past) has earths prime meridian directly lined up and faced the “celestial meridian” and I am talking about using the “equatorial coordinate system” Definition for “Celestial Meridian” which … Continue reading

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How Do Galaxies Stay Intact?

Question: Do black holes spin? What makes galaxies stay semi organised while precessing around it? I don’t know how else to word that. Physics is hard.  –  Nathan Answer: Yes, it is believed that black holes do spin.  The stars … Continue reading

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