Radio Frequency Recordings from the Planets

Question: Hello I am an experimental musician from Houston Texas. I have been searching for radio frequency recordings of the planets. Do you know if these exist? I have my mind set on attempting to compose a composition based on the earth, moon, and sun rotation. My idea is for the song to be 24 minutes in length and use the frequencies from all three to correlate with the moon and sun changing position over my home town of Houston TX. I will also be using sound samples from the cities day and night life to program the rhythm for the composition, hoping to create the intensity and mood from these noise samples used. Any insight or point in the right direction to find recordings that might work for this idea would be much appreciated. Thank you for time.  — Ryan

Answer: There are some recordings of radio emission from planets and other objects in the Solar System that I am aware of.  Several that I could find online are:

I am sure that there are additional recordings from space probes that you could find with some more searching on the internet.

Jeff Mangum

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