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Radio Frequency Recordings from the Planets

Question: Hello I am an experimental musician from Houston Texas. I have been searching for radio frequency recordings of the planets. Do you know if these exist? I have my mind set on attempting to compose a composition based on … Continue reading

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How Big is the Big Dipper?

Question: How big is the Big Dipper?  — Kristyn Answer: The Big Dipper is about 26 degrees in length on the sky, from the end star of the “handle” to the side of the “dipper”. Jeff Mangum

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Cosmic Inflation

Question:  Has anyone considered that the increase rate of expansion of the universe may be do to a combination of the universe’s rigid body mode (Big bang expansion) and flexible body mode or modes of vibration of the universe caused … Continue reading

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Where to Find Plans to Build Your Own Radio Telescope

Question:  I know that the size of the telescope does determine how much info it can gather, but being a ham is and does offer some other ideas,  Where can I get the equipment for a radio telescope such as … Continue reading

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What Would Happen to the Orbit of the Moon if it Were Twice as Massive?

Question:  If the Moon was twice more massive and if it had the same orbital speed, would its orbit change?  Further from Earth (because of the centrifugal force), or closer to Earth (because of the gravitational force) or the same … Continue reading

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