Dark Matter and Gravity

Question:  Hi, I have recently visited NRAO. I am very glad to see the way the research is going. I am very thankfull to you guys. Here is my questions:  — Venkata

  • Q1.  I have recently learned that gravity effects are similar on both Visible and Dark Matter.  If it is true and the matter in the universe has 84.5% dark matter then there chance that a Star contains both dark matter and visible matter in it or it may have taken in a lot of Dark matter through gravity in course of time then how could star planetary motions can be correctly predicted without considering dark matter?
    • Answer to Q1: Since the affects of gravity are the same on both dark and regular matter, planetary motions are correctly predicted independent of the relative fraction.
  • Q2. As 84.5% of universe is dark matter what is the chance for having Planets, Stars or black holes made of dark matter? if that is possible could Nemesis be one of such things?
    • Answer to Q2: Since we don’t really know what Dark Matter is, it is difficult to eliminate possibilities.  Furthermore, suggestions that there are planets or black holes that are made of Dark Matter are purely conjecture.  So, the specific answer to your question is yes, but there is no proof to support any suggestions that these objects exist.

Jeff Mangum

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