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Relativity and the Twin Paradox in a Spherical Universe

Question:  Would relativity hold true if the universe had spherical geometry? For example, the famous twin paradox is resolved because the twin that leaves the Earth has to turn around (accelerate) to get back home. If the universe was spherical, … Continue reading

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Properties of Stars which Result in Black Holes

Question:  I have just been watching a very interesting programme on the television about scientists  who are studying the super massive black hole in the centre of our Milky Way galaxy. It was stated that that black holes are formed … Continue reading

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Dark Matter and Gravity

Question:  Hi, I have recently visited NRAO. I am very glad to see the way the research is going. I am very thankfull to you guys. Here is my questions:  — Venkata Q1.  I have recently learned that gravity effects … Continue reading

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Comet or Asteroid Impact on Earth’s Ocean

Question:  I have been watching a programme on the Science channel of the dangers that will ensue when the Earth is struck by a comet or asteroid; extinction of species; damage to our atmosphere and the possible destruction of whole … Continue reading

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Unrealistic Orbit for Nibiru

Question:  If Nibiru, as claimed, makes it’s entrance into our solar system every 3,600 years, then you would have to assume that every 3,600 years, the entire Earth is destroyed and rebuilt over and over again. But, 3,600 years ago, … Continue reading

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How to Move an Asteriod Out of Harms Way

Question:  It is true that there will be asteroids artificially set in Moon’s orbit? In how many years can it be possible? It will be temporary? They will be seen from Earth? Thank you for your answers.  – Claudio Answer:  … Continue reading

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