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How Many Stars in the Ancient Constellation Argo Navis?

Question:  I have a question about the ancient constellation Argo Navis. I am trying to determine from exactly how many stars it was comprised. I have seen one reference that lists an enormous number of stars. Another lists 26. Which … Continue reading

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The James Webb Space Telescope and Cosmology

Question:  As per current observations mostly from Hubble telescope and its deep field view, that universe is accelerating much faster at its observable edges, which forms the basis for Hubble constant and the age of the universe. Will the age … Continue reading

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Higher Incidence of Meteors Hitting Earth or Better Reporting?

Question:  There has been a lot in the news lately of reports of fireballs and meteors. Is there an increase in the amount or are we just becoming better at reporting them?  — Mo Answer:  There is no evidence to … Continue reading

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