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Faint Dark Bands in the Evening Sky

Question:  Tonight I noticed in the bright evening sky (9pm) over Aberdeenshire a number of faint black bands running across the sky and converging towards the horizon, in a due south direction. They show up very clearly on the photos … Continue reading

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Strange Glow in the Daytime Sky

Question: Today, while I was walking down my street, I noticed a strange thing in the sky. One part of the sky was illuminated in a good shade of Blue. Unlike the blue sky, it was more radiating and glowing. … Continue reading

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Planck Satellite Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background

Question:  The latest data on the cosmic microwave background seemed to strengthen the anomalous findings from the first map. Do you think there really is evidence of another Universe contacting our own? and are there any new theories to account … Continue reading

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What Causes Seasons on Earth?

Question:  Hi am just curious about something and I need your help. So well all know it has different seasons in the year, but the thing am curious about it why does the climate change?. What I mean is it … Continue reading

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How Does a Star’s Size and Luminosity Affect its Habitable Zone?

Question:  We are fortunate that the Earth orbits our Sun in the “Habitable Zone” where it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold and liquid water can exist giving life a chance to evolve. As stars vary so much in … Continue reading

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