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The Andromeda Galaxy’s Orientation Relative to Us

Question: Do you know if there is current agreement about which edge of the Andromeda galaxy (M31) is closest to the Milky Way?  I don’t believe present distance measurements are precise enough to distinguish the near and far sides with … Continue reading

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Unidentified Lights in the Sky

Question: What am I seeing in the sky? (I have been fascinated by astronomy ever since I was a kid.  Recently, I have been “starring off” into the night sky for long periods of time.  I have done this out … Continue reading

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New Technologies to Detect Dark Energy?

Question: Are there any new technologies used to detect the existence of dark matter and if so what might they be? I am currently working on a school project and am writing an article about dark matter and would like … Continue reading

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Astronomer Career Questionnaire

Questions: I have some questions that I need answered for an essay on your career as an astronomer.  — Daniel 1) What college did you go to? I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley and … Continue reading

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Unexplained Objects Around the Sun

Question:  I have pictures of the sun that shows objects around the sun that move from day to day or sometimes hour to hour. They seem to move more than planets would. If you can take a look i will … Continue reading

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Solar Radiation Effects on Mars Astronauts

Question:  I have been watching a programme on the television about the preparations for a manned mission to Mars. As Mars has a very thin atmosphere the men who land on the planet will be subjected to “solar radiation”. How … Continue reading

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What Will the Solar System Look Like a Billion Years?

Question:  In a recent programme, on astronomy, one of the scientist stated that our solar system has evolved over billions of years and is still evolving and will go on evolving into the future. To us the solar system’s evolution … Continue reading

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