Bright Object Near the Sun

Question: I took pictures of the Sun for two days consecutively (Oct 29, 2012- Oct 30, 2012) and saw something next to it. I took pictures from different angles and it was still in the same place. (I even used a different camera to make sure it had nothing to do with the camera and it was visible in the same place). I did the same thing during the second day and the thing moved a considerable distance in just 24 hours. Could you please tell me what is it?

Here are the pictures I took: From: Oct 29, 2012 From: Oct 30, 2012

Thank you!

I have a Master in Biology and now I’m studying medicine. One of my leisure activities is read on the internet a lot of science & metaphysics related articles. I studied physics with a bright professor that knows a lot on astronomy, but unfortunately, I can’t find him since I’m abroad to complete my studies.

Answer: Hard to say what the bright objects near the Sun might be in your photographs.  The photo from October 30 is the clearest case for a bright object near the Sun.  The location of this object might be consistent with the location of the planet Venus, which is about 34 degrees from the Sun at the moment and pretty bright (magnitude -4).  The bright object in your photo, though, appears to be too bright to be a planet.  Also, the fact that it moved so far in just one day suggests that it is “local”.  So, I would say that the object in your photograph is not astronomical.  Reflections from weather balloons, aircraft, etc. are likely suspects.

Jeff Mangum

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  1. Linda says:

    Today, Nov. 3rd 2012 I was out snapping pics of two pair of Bald Eagles floating on the wind current directly over my house. I accidentally snapped a few shots straight into the sun and was surprised to see this “something”.
    I went out and took more pics. I took some from my front porch to see if it was a reflection from something in the backyard.
    Still there. Then I went out at dusk and snapped a few more.
    Please let me know if you find out what it is.

  2. Junior says:

    It is a lens flare from your camera. It was a cell phone camera correct. In any case I have done this as well and thought I had something but when I dig more and move camera while looking through it I notice it was my camera creating this affect. I know it sounds like I am lieying but try it your self move camera around and you’ll see what I mean

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