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Mythology and the Constellations

Question:  We are doing a project on constellations and were wondering if you could answer our question:  why do the myths about the constellations correspond with legends from different cultures? Answer: It was natural for early cultures to see pictures … Continue reading

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What is a “Dirty Image” in Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI)?

Question:  Suppose there is a diffraction screen (DS),a lot of small holes scattering on it, a bundle of parallel rays are incident on the DS, we will get a diffraction pattern on a receiving screen (RS) behind DS (there is … Continue reading

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Bright Object Near the Sun

Question: I took pictures of the Sun for two days consecutively (Oct 29, 2012- Oct 30, 2012) and saw something next to it. I took pictures from different angles and it was still in the same place. (I even used … Continue reading

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