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Planets and Dwarf Planets

Question: Although Pluto has already been classified as a dwarf planet, I do know that there are still some people out there who consider Pluto to be a planet. What is your take on it? Do you think Pluto should … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Effects and Camera Aberrations Can Yield Strange Pictures of Celestial Objects

Question:  I have recently made 2 videos on youtube.  One being about meteors, 2 suns and a possible UFO and the other about Jupiter and its moons.  Can you explain what is happening on both of them because they are … Continue reading

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How Light Travel Time Affects What We See

Question: If the sun disappears it would take us 8 min. to realize it.  How in the world, what we are seeing in telescopes are still existing?  What we are seeing is light that has been traveling minutes, hours, thousand … Continue reading

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How are Background Sources of Emission Extracted from Cosmic Microwave Background Measurements?

Question: How many kinds of foreground pollution [are there] in the CMB data, and how [does one] remove them so as to get the real CMB signal?  What role does the improvements of sensitivity and resolution of the telescope play … Continue reading

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Do Planets Grow when they Accrete High Energy Particles?

Question: The planets are receiving high energy bits of matter from the sun in the form of photons or in ionized atoms. Do planets grow in size from the material or matter output from the sun?  — Glenn Answer: Only … Continue reading

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“Pulsating Star” in the Sky

Question:  Hi, I live in Baltimore, Md. and every morning around 4-5 o’clock I leave for work and I see this huge pulsating star. I checked on my star map app and it said it was M79 but how could … Continue reading

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