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Black Hole’s Effect on a Passing Star

Question:  If a dark star were come close enough to a black hole would the mass of the black holes mass be enough to make the light be visible for at least a short time so it could be measured … Continue reading

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Scale of the Galaxy Near the Sun from 1901

Question:  I am reading a very interesting book called, ‘Astronomy for Everybody’, published in 1901. I was wondering if the following scale model of the universe is in agreement with what has been learned by scientists since the publication of … Continue reading

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Celestial Object Near Venus on July 12 2012

Question:  At about 5:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time on July 12, 2012, at elevation ~10,000′ (near Mammoth Lakes, CA), with an unaided eye I observed what appeared to be a star or planet a barely discernible distance below and to … Continue reading

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Apollo 8 Photos of the Moon with Anamolies

Question:  Do you have an explanation for these pictures? There is a kind of glitch on them Thank You  — Don Answer: These are photos taken by the Apollo 8 astronauts using a 70mm camera from inside their … Continue reading

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