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Bright Object Between the Big and Little Dipper?

Question: For the past two evenings (June 26 and 27, 2012) at about 9pm I have seen a bright object in the North at about 40 degrees. It is between the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper and it is … Continue reading

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Potential Careers Related to Astronomy

Question:  I’m doing a project on astronomy and one section that I’ve added is of the many potential careers you can have that’s related to astronomy. I’m also trying to add an example of an important person for each job. … Continue reading

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Ages of the Taurid and Perseid Meteor Showers

Question:  Hi, I have a quick question about the meteor showers known as the Taurids and Perseids: would they have been visible to an observer on Earth in around 4000 BCE? Or are they a more recent phenomenon? Many thanks, … Continue reading

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Astronomer Career Questionnaire

Question: Hi, my name is Nina. I am interested in astronomy and may take it up as a profession. For a school task I have been asked to choose a job and answer some questions, also I must ask an … Continue reading

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