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Question: Hello, I’m looking for some help and guidance so I can pursue a career in astronomy. I have many questions if someone wouldn’t mind talking to me?  — John

Answer: Let me point you to a wiki page that I maintain which contains links to resources for students in astronomy.  See my Student Resources page for further information.  The most useful content on this wiki page is the pointer to an article which appeared in Mercury magazine in 2008 by Duncan Forbes called “So You Want to Be a Professional Astronomer!”.  This article is a must-read for budding astronomers.

Jeff Mangum

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2 Responses to Careers in Astronomy

  1. Jon Swinden says:

    That article is a fascinating read. I had no idea that there are so few astronomers in the world. Do you think this is set to rise with the new exciting discoveries and rising attention that astronomy is receiving of late?

    • Jeff Mangum says:

      It is always great to have astrophysical discoveries appear in the news as it allows the general public to learn about the universe around them. As you suggest, this often results in people developing an interest in astronomy, sometimes encouraging them to pursue a career in astronomy. I think that this attention drawn to astrophysical discoveries has a broader impact on the study of science in general, which I hope encourages more people to pursue careers in the sciences.

      Jeff Mangum

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