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Hoaxes in Astronomy

Question:  I had a question about the planet Nibiru.  Does it exist?  I recently read something about a scientist finding a planet on the edge of the Solar System and was wondering if it was Nibiru?  — Sarah Answer:  No, … Continue reading

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Careers in Astronomy

Question: Hello, I’m looking for some help and guidance so I can pursue a career in astronomy. I have many questions if someone wouldn’t mind talking to me?  — John Answer: Let me point you to a wiki page that … Continue reading

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Real-Time Broadcasts of Astronomical Measurements?

Question: My co-worker and I were discussing why the public can’t see what astronomers see through telescopes in real-time.  Do telescopes have the capability of recording what is being observed?  If not, why not?  We would like to go online … Continue reading

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Why is the Very Large Array Y-Shaped?

Question: Why is The Very Large Array Y-shaped, not triangular or of other shapes?  — Tom Answer: There are several reasons why the antennas that make-up the Very Large Array (VLA) are arranged in a Y-configuration.  The Y-configuration produces a … Continue reading

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Significant Astronomical Events in the Future

Question: What is the next significant astronomical event to occur within the next 10 years?    — James Answer: Well, there are in fact many significant astronomical events each year, but this depends upon your definition of “significant”.  For a listing … Continue reading

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